‘Recognition is the ultimate brand currency’

Do you need outstanding garments or accessories for a music video, or red carpet premiere? At Taylor the Tailor our designers are trained at top fashion houses as well as graduating from the Royal College of Art & Central St Martins, and will give you the best possible options for your budget and time frame.

Whether you need a bespoke leather handbag to match the colour of your designer dress or 10 dancers outfits for a music video – we can support you in pushing that creative vision and make it a reality.

Last minute enquirers are welcome – The fashion and music industries move so fast and change every hour and we understand that! We will do our very best to move mountains to enable you to hit your deadline.

Travelling within the UK and also the rest of the world is something we are used too. We have clients in Azerbaijan, Hong Kong, Monaco, New York, Paris, Russia, Saudi Arabia, St Tropez, Sweden and Switzerland.



Do you literally want to stop the traffic for public exposure for your brand?

Whether you need a pit girl uniform, uniform for an office reception, uniforms for 100 ladies for a universal conference, we at Taylor the Tailor can design and create a bespoke uniform that any staff member would be proud to wear.

There are benefactors when an employee wears a corporate uniform; the company benefits, the employees benefit and the customer benefits.

At Taylor the Tailor we believe that any organization benefits  by turning employees into living, walking, breathing company promoters.

From the corporate point of view, uniformed apparel gives the employees a sense of teamwork, unity, togetherness, and inspiration. Endorsing and enforcing a corporate uniform policy helps  employee reach goals and create goodwill towards the company and its employees.  To most employees wearing a uniform aids in their performance.  Uniform programs create a sense of equality among employees and alleviate the pressure of buying clothing.

At Taylor the Tailor we work with our customers to fully understand their brand and the role staff uniforms need to play in the marketing strategy, the interiors and the surrounding environment.

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