At Taylor the Tailor we have a an incredibly talented team with a plethora of skills that include, laser cutting, leather handbag and accessories designer makers, hand and machine embroidery/embellishing and Swarovski embellishing service. We apply a wide range of skills and techniques right from the design process through to the finished product

Everything here at Taylor the Taylor is produce within the UK ensuring that money is pumped back into the UK financial system and benefits employing staff throughout the country with the highest possible skills.

Many traditional intricate textile skills are sadly a dying breed due to mass production and we firmly  believe in supporting smaller artists and creatives to preserve the best in British talent for future generations.

Emma Taylor worked with Jakob Schlaepfer of Switzerland producing a collection of haute couture accessories and fabrics back in 2001 whilst at Chelsea College of Art – so we can actually understand the demand for this high level of textiles.

Whether you need some stunning wall art created from the finest leather and hand embroidered with the theme of Russian Princess tiaras or an elaborate hand crafted vintage silk fitted cape made for a film premier – we are here to complete your look or theme.

Last minute enquirers are welcome – The fashion and music industries move so fast and change every hour and we understand that! We will do our very best to move mountains to enable you to hit your deadline.

Travelling within the UK and also the rest of the world is something we are used too – please contact us for our rates and discuss how else we can help your brand.

At Taylor the Tailor we believe that options within creativity are endless and our dedicated team will be happy to support you in your enquirers and give you the best possible outcome to your brief.